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Of Sales and Email

Why does email marketing perform so well? If it really is so cost effective why do so many claim that it simply doesn’t do as well as what the stats say it does? Well, the reply is short: many businesses get their email marketing incorrect and make silly but easily corrected mistakes. The jury is… Read More

Email Testing

Email Testing – 3 Test Titans

Tests inspire tormented memories of late nights, blank minds and stressed students, but in email marketing tests mean early sends, full bank accounts and relaxed clients! They epitomise the concept of looking before you leap. Email tests offer email marketers the ability to see into the future and find out what will happen with their… Read More

Marketing Spy

Obama, the NSA and Digital Marketing

While the recent news of Obama’s aim to ‘reign in’ the way in which and extent to which the NSA gathers personal data, through corporate databases comes as a welcome change; we’d like to give you a little breakdown of how this won’t affect you…if you follow best practices that is. First things first: we’re… Read More


It’s time to ‘clean house’

Ever considered how many times you click ‘unsubscribe’ or reply ‘stop’ to promotional emails and messages this time of year? Think of the answer and then think of your clients…chances are they’ve already crossed that bridge. Not to worry though, as far as dead weight in your mailing list is concerned you’d want to get… Read More