Powerful email marketing that connects

Powerful drag-and-drop email editor | SharpSpring Mail+

Everything you’d expect from an email marketing platform

Email Editor Built for Designers

  • Drag-and-drop
  • Responsive Templates

Superior Email Deliverability

  • SMTP’s world class delivery platform
  • Real-time anti-spam protection
  • Dynamic IP Pools

Advanced Email Reporting

  • Real-time stats on deliveries, opens and clicks
  • A/B testing
  • Customizable reports

A complete set of next generation features you won’t find anywhere else

VisitorID - Contact Tracking

  • See where contacts go after the click
  • Track every page visit, length of time on the site, and referral source
  • Send targeted emails based on their behaviors and interests
VisitorID - Contact Tracking

Contact Manager with Social Integration

  • Get to know your contacts beyond name and email address
  • View their profile pictures and links to social media accounts like Facebook and LinkedIn
  • See a visual timeline of their every interaction with your brand
Contact Manager with Social Integration

Dynamic Form Builder

  • Easily create dynamic forms built for conversion
  • Sleek, drag-and-drop editor - no developer needed
  • Tracking auto-populates fields for return visitors to improve conversion
Dynamic Form Builder

Advanced Segmentation

  • Go beyond boring demographics — use after-the-click tracking to learn what makes contacts tick
  • Segment based on form completions, page visits, or any other important attributes
  • Send highly relevant content that converts
Advanced email segmentation

Dynamic List Builder

  • Create rules-based lists that update automatically as contacts match list criteria
  • Add and remove contacts from lists in real-time, based on behaviors
  • Manage subscribes and unsubscribes with ease
Dynamic List Builder

Basic Marketing Automation

  • Automatically engage contacts at critical points in the sales cycle with workflows and tasks
  • Launch multiple emails timed and customized to your contacts’ interests and pain points
  • Get notified when contacts fill out a form, click an email, or any other important behavior
Basic Marketing Automation